Tango Price List

Prodcut Name Price
TANGO hardware 200
TANGO basic software 1000
Additonal Software
1 Year Subscription NEW 180
Additonal Hardware
SLK-01 – Emulator DST 40, P1 94,D4 30
SLK-02 – Emulator DST 80, P1 98 30
SLK-03E – Emulator DST AES, P1 88,A8 30
SLK-04E – Emulator DST AES, P1 A9 30
SLK-05E – Emulator DST AES, P1 39 30
SLK-06 – Sniffer for Toyota-H Immobilizer AKL solution 30
SLK-07E – Emulator DST AES, P1 AA 30

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  • All prices shown on this page are recommended retail prices in Euro, not including VAT or shipping.
  • Tango hardware is not sold without the Tango basic software.
  • Active subscription allows access to all Tango features and functions. Period is 365 days
  • Newly acquired devices (post SW 1.124 release August 2022) will receive 1 year subscription upon registration and request by user.