Orange-5 Adapters

Adapter SOIC8-DIP8 Expert

Adapter for ICs in SOIC8-DIP8 Expert body with width 150mil

Adapter SOIC8 14 93Cxx

Adapter for SOIC8 and SOIC14(93Cxx) (by soldering)

Adapter SSOP8/DIP8

Adapter for ICs in SSOP8/DIP8 body (by soldering)

Adapter SPI FLASH 25Fxx

Adapter SPI FLASH 25FXX in body SOIC8 and SOIC16 (by soldering)

Lead with clips POMONA SOIC8

SOIC8 clips (in-circuit)

Adapter ST62xx PQFP52 PQFP80

Adapter for microcontrollers ST62xx (by soldering)

Adapter MDA2061;MDA2062

Adapter MDA2061;MDA2062

Adapter 05L28/05B

Adapter for microcontrollers MC68HC05L28(SDIP56) and MC68HC05B6/B8 in DIP48 and SDIP56 bodies

Adapter 908AS60/AZ60 QFP64

Adapter for microcontrollers 908AS60/AZ60 in body QFP64 (by soldering)

Adapter 68HC(7)05P3/E6

Adapter for microcontrollers MC68HC705E6/HC05P3/HC705P3 in SOIC28 and QFP44 bodies (by soldering)

Adapter 05B/X_705B/X QFP64 ROM write

Adapter for MC68HC(7)05B16/32,MC68HC05X16/32 in body QFP64 (by soldering) ROM write

Adapter 11PA8/11E9 QFP64

Adapter for MC68HC11PA8 and MC68HC11E9 in body QFP64 (by soldering)

Adapter 68HC05H12

Adapter for microcontrollers 68HC05H12 PLCC52

Adapter MC68HC(7)11EA9

Adapter for microcontrollers MCHC(7)11EA9 in body PLCC52

Adapter 908AS60 PLCC52

Adapter for microcontrollers 908AS60 (08AS20) PLCC52

Adapter 912Dxx QFP80/912 QFP112

Adapter for MC912Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 (by soldering)
68HC912D60(A), 68HC912DG128(A),
68HC912DJ128, 68HC912DT128

Adapter 9S12Dxx QFP80/9S12 QFP112

Adapter for MC9S12Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 (by soldering):
9S12A64, 9S12D64, 9S12A128, 9S12B128,
9S12DB128, 9S12DG128, 9S12Dj128, 9S12DT128,
9S12DJ256, 9S12DG256, 9S12DP256, 9S12DP256,
9S12DT256, 9S12DP512, 9S12DT512, 9S12XD128,
9S12XDG128, 9S12XDG256, 9S12XDT256, 9S12XDT384,

Adapter 912B32 QFP80

Adapter for 912B32 QFP80 (by soldering):
MC68HC912B32, MC68HC12BE32, MC68HC12BC32,
MC68HC912BC32, MC68HC912BD32

Adapter 9S12X QFP80/QFP112

Adapter 9S12H/HZ/XHZ QFP80/QFP112 (by soldering):
9S12H128, 9S12HZ128, 9S12H256,
9S12HZ256, 9S12XHZ256, 9S12XHZ512, etc..

Adapter MC68HC11F1 PLCC68

Adapter for MC68HC11F1 in body PLCC68

Adapter 68HC11L6

Adapter 68HC11L6

Adapter 68HC11KA4 QFP80

Adapter 68HC11KA4 MC68HC11Kx (by soldering)

Lead 05B6 WDT VW immo

Lead for 05B6 WDT VW immo (in-circuit)

Lead 11E9(20) with power

Lead for 11E9(20) with power (in-circuit)

Lead EWS3 mask 0D46J

Lead for EWS3 mask 0D46J (in-circuit)

Lead 11KA4 with power

Lead for 11KA4 with power (in-circuit)

Lead 912 (9S12)

Lead for 912 (9S12) (in-circuit)

Lead 908 (08)

Lead for 908 (08) (in-circuit)

Lead 705E6

Lead for 705E6 (in-circuit)

Adapter TMS374

Adapter for TMS374C003A, TMS374CD13A (by soldering)

PLCC Extractor

Extractor for micro-controllers in PLCC socket

Adapter 68HC11KA4 PLCC68

Adapter for 68HC11KA4 in body PLCC68

Adapter NAND Flash

Adapter for NAND Flash Samsung, Hynix, etc...
in body TSOP44, TSOP48. Double-sided (by soldering)

Adapter NDM457

Adapter NDM457

Adapter PICAVR

Adapter for Microchip PIC12,PIC16 and Atmel AVR

Adapter 908JL

Adapter for 908JL DIP28, SOIC28 , QFP32 (by soldering): MC68HC908JL3, MC68HC908JL8, MC68HC908JK3, MC68HC908JK8

Adapter PCF 7941

Adapter for PCF 7941 (by soldering)

Adapter MSP430F

Universal adapter MSP430F

Adapter 9S12XE

Adapter for 9S12XE QFP80, QFP112 (by soldering):

Orange-5 box renewal kit

Replacement box for Orange-5 programmer