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Omega Base is a main block, without it the other adapters don't work.Omega Base is not only a programmer, but also , as it is shown at the site, logic analyzer, frequency meter etc.. . In practice the other adapters are used to widen the capabilities of Omega Base. These adapters are connecting to the main block by special sockets. The existing wide range of adapters enable the base block to operate with a great variety of processors and memories, to connect through K-line (which is widely used in automobile electronics), to function as a multi-channel logic analyzer, frequency meter, generator, oscilloscope etc…

In addition some of the adapters have the possibility of other plates to be mounted on them, which increase their potential.

Below are given two examples to illustrate the mechanism:

Example 1 :

•  Omega Base + Omega SE + ER1400

•  Omega Base + Omega SE + NVM3060

•  etc . ...

Example 2 :

•  Omega Base + MTRK + Adapter 68HC(7)05E6

•  Omega Base + MTRK + MTRK Self-Check

•  etc. ...

Also we offer the so called program modules.Program module – this is a file, which is used with the given block (adapter).When buying a set for work with memories or micro-controllers, the customer also receives free program modules for work with them, and also the right to download free the upcoming upgrades..

A list of currently supported software versions of memories and micro-controllers can be found at our website.

At the same time there are special memories which doesn't permit to modify some of the written within data.A striking example is Ì35080 .The program module for regular work with it is free, but the program module for irregular operations can be bought in addition.This additional program module grants full access to the memory.

Also there are whole brunches of program modules which automate the process of analysis and alternation of date in memories and processors ( CarRadios HPX , SE Dashboards HPX , MTRK Dashboards HPX , Other HPX ) .These modules are not free. Their price is not fixed because their quantity is increasing continuously. All not free modules have file type *.hpx and are so coded that the user can't see their source code. In the other hand the free ones , with file type *.hpl , allow the user to examine their source code. Also the user can create by himself program modules. For this purpose a high level program language called HPL is used.

A description of the language and example for its use can be found in the section Help of the main block.

Because of the great variety of adapters, every component in the shown below price list is represented individually. By this method the customer can choose and order a configuration according to his needs. Each component can be ordered independently.