Omega Additional Adapters

Official distributer and manufacturer of CnCLab



Programmer Serial EEPROM






Omega Mtrk it is an universal programmer for micro controllers Motorola MC68HC05 and MC68HC11 . It is also intended for reading, checking and writing information in EEPROM and OTPROM and reading of the ROM memory.



ADP K-Line
Adapter K-Line


Omega Remo - Lerner virtual control remote for distant control . It is designated for emulation of infrared transmitters ( RC) for of life radio appliances.




Adapter TMS - Adapter for micro-controllers of Texas Instruments TMS370C056, TMS370C756, TMS375C006 and other
Adapter TMS370/PLCC44 - Adapter for TMS370Cx2x in PLCC44 body




The logical analysator is developed for writing and generating of digital consecutions and analysis of consecutive and parallel exchange protocols.




For programming PIC12x,PIC16x,AT90,ATTiny,ATmega microcontrollers



Adapter Xerox90 for Omega

Device List

Multi meter is designated for measuring parameters of the signal and the nominal of the radio elements.



Adapter AC 9V 1.2A




LPT Cable