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Barracuda Programmer Release

We are happy to announce the release of Scorpio-LK's Barracuda programmer.


Site overhaul

In conjunction with the release of Barracuda programmer we have deployed a major update of our site .
If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to write us at

To view the new site properly, it requires at least Internet Explorer 9 or equivalent alternative browser


Tango Maker Help File Update

Updated Tango Maker Help file requires Tango software version 112.1


Tango Software v1.112

  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Added new transponder MEGAMOS AES
  • Toyota key maker: new menu item AUTODETECT
  • Key maker Kia Sportage 2008- (MPC5xx,HITAG)
  • Key maker Hyundai Sonata 2008- (MPC5xx,HITAG)
  • Key maker Renault Fluence III 2012- (NEC850,HITAG)*
  • Key maker Renault Megane III 2012- (NEC850,HITAG)*
  • Fixed some bugs, incl. PCF7930-35


Orange-5 software update

New software update for Orange 5 v1.35r2 - Archive password is same as for the previous version.
If you have questions mail us, the letter must contain your Orange-5 serial number :


Orange-5 ImmoHPX ver 10

Dear customers, We'd like to introduce to you update v 10 of ImmoHPX. It is a free major update for all our customers who previously had ImmoHPX.
You can view a list of all functions currenlty included in ImmoHPX here . You can download your personal update from our server :

To explain what XXXX-XXXX.rar is - the XXXX-XXXX represent the combination of the last nine symbols of your personal Orange5 serial
number.In order to get your your personal files replace in the link above the respective characters from your Orange-5 serial number.
Example: If your serial number is 1111-2222-3333-4444-5555-6666-7777-8D1A then
the archive coresponding to this Orange5 will be located at: .

Also the archives are password encrypted and the password is the same
as your full serial number. Using the example above the password for 7777-8D1A.rar will be 1111-2222-3333-4444-5555-6666-7777-8D1A
(only capital letters and also the " - " between each four numbers is included).
In order to work the update requires the latest Orange-5 base software.

Archive password is same as for the previous version ! Mail us with your Orange-5 serial number if you don't have the password.
For any problems or questions regarding this update mail us.

To check your personal serial number use the following steps:
1. Connect your Orange-5 to a PC
2. Start Orange5.exe
3. Once started click inside the program screen Help -> System Info
4. On the screen that pops up you will see a box named S/N which contains your full serial number.


Tango Software v1.111

  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Toyota Tango Plus v6.6: added Toyota C-HR 2016-*
  • TKey maker Opel Mokka 2008- (24C16,HITAG)
  • Key maker Peugeot 607 2001- (93C66,MEG48)
  • Key maker Hyundai i30 immobox 2012- (STM8,DST80)
  • Key maker Chevrolet Equinox 2011- (24C16,HITAG)
  • Updated Tango Maker Help file


Tango Software v1.110

  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD!
    SLK-05 Transponder launched! Supports Toyota's SmartKey AES (Page1 39) emulation.
    This feature allows to start an engine, to learn new keys.
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD! TangoPlus for Toyota V6.5 True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys Page1 39*
    The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost” problem.
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD! Image generator Toyota Page1 39 on SLK-05.
    The generated transponder is fully compatible to Toyota requirements that A Customer is able to learn it via OBD.*
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD! Cloning Toyota SmartKey 128BIT (Page1 39) to SLK-05*
  • Key maker BCM2 Audi A4/A5/Q5 (95320, PCF7945AC)*
  • Key maker BCM2 Audi A4/A5/Q5 (NEC, PCF7945AC)*
  • Key maker Ford Transit 2017- (NEC, DST80) *
  • Key maker KTM 690, 990, 1190 (9S12P128, DST40)
  • Improved Toyota Certification ECU maker: compatibility for keys Page1 39
  • Improved operations with PCF7930,31,35. Now it is possible to make individual settings to each type of transponders.