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Tango downloads
Barracuda downloads
orange5.rar ** 2.18Mb Orange-5 base software v1.36 15.03.20
o5tool.rar ** 398Kb Orange5 Tool v1.3
or5demo.rar 581Kb Orange5 demo
cncterm.rar 112Kb CnCTerm v1.20
omorange.rar ** 851Kb Omega-Orange base software v1.35 24.06.2016
omorange110.rar 220Kb Orange v1.10 demo
ommtrk.rar ** 600Kb Omega Mtrk base software v1.32r5 17.03.2015
ommtrkd.rar 581Kb Omega Mtrk v.1.09 Demo
omsetup.rar 85Kb Omega Setup v.1.22
omlogic.rar ** 310Kb Omega Logic v.2.6r1
omlogicd.rar 240Kb Omega Logic v.1.01 Demo
LA Help eng.rar 4.17Mb Omega Logic Help File
ommulti101.rar ** 100Kb Omega Multimetr v.1.01
omremo.rar ** 1.15Mb Omega Remo v.2.2
omremod.rar 211Kb Omega Remo v.1.00 Demo
NATS5.rar 6.8Kb NATS5 New Year Present HPX (for Omega) 14.12.2008 Free
Alfa147.rar 104Kb Special HPX (for Omega) Free
a6MM_eng.rar 444Kb Special HPX (for Omega) Free


* Depending on Windows UAC (User Account Control) settings to view *.chm files you might need to unblock them first (File Properties->Unblock->Apply)

** The functional versions of programs are encoded with a password. For receiving the password send to or the registration number of the product you own.

All software developed and released by Scorpio-LK Ltd. is invalid without the appropriate hardware device.

All devices and software developed by Scorpio-LK Ltd. are designed and sold with legal purpose to enchance and help people working in the sphere of car repairs and maintenance. The company doesn't take responsibility for any misuse of our products for illegal purpuses. Hence persons misusing our products for illegal purpuses bear their own responsebility for any such acts.